Proxmox is an open-source solution for virtual enviroments build on KVM (Kernel-based virtual machineú. Under the hood there is the favourite distro Debian with a modified Ubuntu kernel.

The whole solution is capable of creating full-assisted virtualization of machines and containers in a few minutes.


Proxmox virtual enviroment has its growing favour in all companies, where is a demand for high avalible, high quality and cost effective solutions.

In places where other vendors fail due to expensive certified components or certifications, there Proxmox is a winner on the row in every manner.

ZFS can be called as the technology of the future in a world free from expensive and problematica Hardware RAID. An enviroment like this is just a step for a hyperconverged infrastructure at a low price.

Main benefits of Proxmox


Simple, intuitive web-based management for your virtual machines love not just company admins.

There is no need of expensive training certifications. With Proxmox everybody can manage virtualisation.


Proxmox made a strategic bet at ZFS (Zettabyte File system), which can be marked as the future of server technologies. ZSF can get rid of expensive and problematic hardware RAID. It is capable of self-healing na d full ready for building a hyperconvergence enviroment on consumable, cheap hardware.

Open source

Having opened codes to the world helps not just developers but also it is a great benefit for security. Errors and mistakes are repaired much faster in comparation to enclosed software vendor solutions.


Proxmox contains inside its kernel a modul for virtualization. At KVM you can run linux and Microsoft machines without any problems.There is no need of any special, expensive vendor-lock hardware.


From tha basics PVe has its own backup solution. You do not need to buy any expensive third-party software for backups.


Proxmox offers without any additional licences a completely replication solution.


PVE is specially build for a cost-effective and highly stable hyperconverged infrastructure. In comparation to other vendors you can have the same great enviroment but for about 50% cheaper.

Software RAID

Proxmox as the only hypervisor is able to let you create a software RAID. Valuable for everybody, who does not want to fear the day when what happens when a hardware RAID crashes.

Where stands Connectica around Proxmox?

Connectica s.r.o is a branded reseller in Czech republic for Proxmox. Company manages tenths of Proxmox hypervisors around Czech republic and Europe and also helps to implement or debugg some general issues with PVE.

Connectica uses Proxmox for its own development purposes

  • Branded reseller

    We are authorized reseller of Proxmox in Czech republic

  • Implementation

    We implement Proxmox in companies around EU and Czech republic. We build PVE hypervisors with the best avalible cost effective hardware  on the market.

  • Debugging

    We help solving isues related with Proxmox virtual enviroment in companies.

  • Monitoring

    We have our own solution of best practices for monitoring PVE clusters that we use.

  • Server administration

    we take care of a lot of company PVE clusters and we do help with their maintenance.

  • Home

    We do use PVE for our own development.

Connectica s.r.o

Provider of enterprise standard solutions.