The foundation and philosophy of the company were established on September 11, 2012. We carefully consider and implement all our activities to ensure they are as stable and high-quality as possible over the long term.


With over 7 years of experience, we have gained not only a narrow specialization in certain areas but also bring added value to each of our customers by sharing our experience from related business sectors.


Accuracy in processing is our mantra. We require precise input and deliver precisely defined solutions. We maintain clearly defined relationships that are appreciated by our customers over the long term.


We handle issues in a standardized way. We maintain stable structures that allow us to respond flexibly to customer demands. The result is long-term and trouble-free solutions.

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About the Company

We are a small company based in czech republic.

The fundamental philosophy of the company was established by Jakub Čechovský and Radek Vymazal on September 11th, 2012.

The company’s logo depicts two people – the two friends and founders of the company who set its direction.

Since 2012, Mgr. Radek Vymazal has been providing services primarily to families and households, including:

  • Internet
  • Landlines
  • Mobile calling
  • Camera systems
  • Website development
  • Computer and server management

Connectica s.r.o was established on March 9th, 2018 based on the experience gained and growing demand from corporate clients.

The company has been meeting the long-term needs of its customers in various areas in which it operates and is a stable and reliable partner.

The company’s motto is the desire to make its IT expertise a standard for others one day, and this is how the company presents itself publicly.

The company serves clients throughout the EU and the Czech Republic, and its nearest physical location is in the Olomouc region, where its Moravian heart is located.


DevOps engineering

Azure, Ansible, Gitlab, packer, git,Docker, Terraform, Azure DevOps,, Jenkins, Packer, BASH/Python,Prometheus, Grafana

IT services

IT management (server management, firewall management, mail server management, application server management, database server management, file server management, and others)
IT support (support for end-users, resolving their requests, machine reinstatement, group policy setting, remote assistance)
Monitoring (machine monitoring, log management, response to incidents, housekeeping, regular prophylaxis, regular OS updates)


We specialize in virtualization on Proxmox and are partners of Wiener Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH.


ZFS is the file system of the future that can replace problematic and expensive RAID. It is seen as an interesting investment with future potential.


We provide MikroTik training and hold all certifications from the company, which we regularly renew

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