Upgrade, reinstallation, and optimization of FreeNAS and Proxmox infrastructures

Basic info

Client: Manufacturing and trading company

Number of employees: 1500+

Country: Czech Republic

Year of realization: 2020

Reserved budget: up to 100,000 CZK

Technology: Debian, Proxmox, FreeNAS


For a medium-sized company (with approximately 1500 employees) based in the Czech Republic, we carried out a complete upgrade of the infrastructure built on Proxmox and FreeNAS in 2019. The following tasks were performed:

  1. Optimization of Proxmox parameters to achieve higher throughput, upgrade of controllers
  2. Debugging flows between machines
  3. Deployment of bulk monitoring on all hypervisors and virtual machines
  4. Reinstallation of all machines, upgrade to the latest versions of operating systems
  5. Evaluation of infrastructure after the upgrade
  6. Documentation of individual steps

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