Building and connecting several branches using VPN

Basic info

Client: Manufacturing company

Number of employees: 50+

Country: Slovakia

Year of implementation: 2019

Reserved budget: 60,000 CZK

Technology: MikroTik

Blogpost from the project


In 2019, we built and connected several branches using VPN for a manufacturing company based in Slovakia. The project included the following tasks:

  1. Installation and configuration of the primary machine (MikroTik RB4011) as the main VPN concentrator
  2. Installation and configuration of all other branches to appear as one LAN among the subnets
  3. Configuration and security of the entire solution on the Firewall
  4. Separation of several subnets according to their purposes (LAN, Guests, WiFi) using VLANs
  5. Preparation of detailed documentation for the entire solution and manuals on how to perform routing independently.

Projektový plán